♡ Ras Valentine ♡

26. New York. Virgin Islands. California. Florida (soon)
A mermaid in every way. I live for the sea, beauty, art, music and passion.

Enjoyed my Fryyyyday w/ my sis. Went thriftin, drank moms Ketel One, cooked steaks & smoked hookah… Best day eva #fryday #chillin
Miss you beeezy! @jessiramone #nofilter #travel #bff #hotellife #goodtimes #memories
From our flight from Atlanta to Pheonix. It was such an awesome trip but an exhausting 2 days of travel to get home. Staring out of the plane at the gorgous clouds helped ease my mind/stress… they look so soft & fluffy I wanna run around on ‘em…but I know thats physically impossible :-p but a stoner girl can dream…
⛅️The sky looked so pretty this morning ☀️
⛅️#Breakfast this mornin 💛 eggs, bacon, potato hash, spinach, Swiss cheese & seasonings nom nom nommm
I’m going to eat this fuckin pizza and I don’t care what you think!

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